Remove Control Lock

I don't get inside the aircraft to do these initial items. I simply stand beside the open left door which allows me access to the things I need to see and do. Normally I do not use the control lock because I hangar the airplane. The control lock is used to hold the rudder and ailerons firmly in place so they do not bang around in the wind when the plane is tied outside. I keep it in a bag behind the seat in case I park the airplane outside. It is removed from the yoke stem by sliding it to the right.

It's hard to see here but the flag on the control lock covers the ignition switch so it would be very difficult to start the engine with the control lock in place. It also covers the red master electrical switch. Noticed the white object in the lower right corner of the photo. It's the airworthiness certificate in a plastic shield on the right inside panel of the airplane. It looks like it has a bite out of it . It was that way when I bought the airplane. The wires coming down from the yoke provide power to the handheld GPS and wires for a press-to-talk switch mounted on the yoke for transmitting over the radio. If the press to talk switch is not pressed voice from the headset microphone can be heard in both headsets. The right yoke does not have a push-to-talk switch.

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