Cessna 150 Preflight

As with the preflight of any airplane it is most important to have the proper attitude. The attitude of trying to "looking for something wrong" is imperative. Although many of the items on the checklist are simply items to prepare the plane for flight, several are inspection items that if not looked at carefully with a critical eye, could result in the airplane not being airworthy. It is difficult to not consider a preflight just a step in the process of getting the airplane off the ground. I complete a preflight of N60146 before each flight. The Owner's Manual contains instructions on doing an exterior inspection however I have made my own preflight checklist and have laminated it for easy use and to save wear and tear on the Owner's Manual. This is a scan of my preflight checklist.

The A R O W across the top is a reminder that I need the airworthiness certificate, the registration, the owner's manual and weight and balance information in the aircraft for each flight. The airworthiness certificate is kept in a special pocket near the control pedals (we'll see it in a later photo) on the right side of the aircraft so I really don't need to concern myself with it. The registration document and the owner's manual are kept in my flight bag so I don't have to check them each time, however the weight and balance changes depending upon the fuel and cargo/passenger situation for each flight so I have another laminated card that I can use to enter that data. Below is a scan of the weight and balance laminated card I use before I fill out the variable in formation with a felt marker I keep in the plane.

I discuss weight and balance issues elsewhere on this web-site.

Getting back to the preflight checklist, I have five areas to go over before getting inside the airplane. Inside, left outside, tail, right outside, and front.


Left click on the instrument panel or the "remove control lock" link to start the preflight.


Left Outside

check tire and brake



check leading edge


Right Outside

check flaps



check oil and drain strainer

That's it, or is it. Well, there are certainly other things that could be considered. Click "Other Considerations" below to to see my thoughts in this area.

Other Considerations


Let's go


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